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    At the very heart of an Educational institution is Academics.The school’s role is to bring each student to his/her individual maximum academic potential.Problem solving is a key life skill that goes hand in hand with academics at Phoenix World School.



    Imagine With all your mind. Believe With all you heart. Achieve With all you might. Freedom to imagine and confidence to believe in themselves helps our students to achieve their dreams. That’s what makes them unique and stand out him the crowd.



    “All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy” is a common saying we all know. At Phoenix World School, we aim at holistic development. Sports are not only important for fitness but emphasis is laid on building team spirit and a love for outdoors.



    The Education Industry has undergone a vast change in the past decade. Traditional classrooms and conventional teaching methods have been replaced by technology aided classrooms which is definitely a pre-requisite in today’s competitive environment.Phoenix World School seamlessly blends technology with education to enhance learning outcome among our students.

Welcome to CBSE School in Pune (PWS)

Why PWS is Top School in Pune

The Phoenix Management visualized a school that not only offers State-of –the- art infrastructure but would also provide quality education bearing in mind the uniqueness of each child and his talents. Bringing on all probable elements that could let it emerge as the best CBSE school in Pune. The architecture and design of Phoenix World School is developed, keeping in mind the dynamic needs of our next generations.

With the ever changing and evolving education scenario, Phoenix World School aims at building overall personality and instilling 21st century skills needed to sustain in the current environment.

Phoenix World School brings an end to your search for the most trustable environment for your child to learn and grow. Settling the institution for being the best CBSE School in Pune, we bring up our extensive knowledge supported by the provisional affiliation by considerable authorities. Keeping in mind, the core values of life and learning, we bring to you a perfect place to let your kid learn and explore the world from a different perspective. We believe in following the pursuit of excellence and meet the varying needs of young learners; paving pathways for them to embrace their part in the horizon.

We had been brought up as an institution by visionaries who chose to impart education not only to make children employable in the future but to let them emerge as better and responsible citizens of the nation. We focus on nurturing constructive leadership with multi faceted learning environment. With the most efficient, qualified faculty of teachers and other educationists, we bring to you the best place to let your children grow.

Your children would probably live under the supervision of a caring community for whom imparting education is not only profession but a responsibility that needs to be fulfilled. We understand the requirement of curent time and believe in improving efforts to create a stimulating effect on how ours budding students would further pursue their lives.

About US


At a glance, the comprehensive curriculum of PWS can be represented as a multidirectional process which incorporates a holistic development of every child.

Physical development

Regular participation in these activities shapes the overall personality of the students. Physical activities not only strengthen the body but serves as a great means of channel-izing students' energy in a positive direction.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development is the primary objective of our multi-faceted training process. We, at PWS, strive to develop each student in such a manner that they develop a positive self image .The inherent confidence that comes from personal, social and emotional development prepares our students for the competitive outside world and makes them star performers in all walks of life.

Cognitive Development

One of the key areas of development which helps individuals to organize ideas and thoughts to make sense of the world they live in. At PWS, students are given the free-dom to learn through trial & error, experimenting, role play and questioning skills.

Creative Development

Activities at PWS are designed to tap the creative potential of a child. Several opportunities to ’think differently’ or’ think out of the box’ are provided to the students. We ensure that students develop their talents in the fields of Academia, Sports and Fine Arts.
We groom each student into a confident child of tomorrow.

Language Development

Emphasis on developing language skills is an important element of our training process. Although English is the global language, understanding of other languages and cultures across the globe is definitely the need of the hour. Students are therefore exposed to languages like German and French at Phoenix World School.

Development of Reasoning and Analytical Skills

In this busy and fast pace of life, we are forced to face many problems. Reasoning and analytical skills help us to visualize and solve complex problems. At PWS, reading, comprehending, Mathematical skills are taught with the aim to develop reasoning and analytical skills.

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