Physical development

Regular participation in these activities shapes the overall personality of the students. Physical activities not only strengthen the body but serves as a great means of channel-izing students’ energy in a positive direction.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development is the primary objective of our multi-faceted training process. We, at PWS, strive to develop each student in such a manner that they develop a positive self image .The inherent confidence that comes from personal, social and emotional development prepares our students for the competitive outside world and makes them star performers in all walks of life.


Cognitive Development

One of the key areas of development which helps individuals to organize ideas and thoughts to make sense of the world they live in. At PWS, students are given the freedom to learn through trial & error, experimenting role play and questioning skills.


Creative Development

Activities at PWS are designed to tap the creative potential of a child. Several opportunities to ’think differently’ or’ think out of the box’ are provided to the students. We ensure that students develop their talents in the fields of Academia, Sports and Fine Arts.

We groom each student into a confident child of tomorrow.


Language Development

Emphasis on developing language skills is an important element of our training process. Although English is the global language, understanding of other languages and cultures across the globe is definitely the need of the hour.Students are therefore exposed to languages like German and French at Phoenix World School.


Development of Reasoning and Analytical Skills

In this busy and fast pace of life, we are forced to face many problems. Reasoning and analytical skills help us to visualize and solve complex problems.At PWS, reading, comprehending, Mathematical skills are taught with the aim to develop reasoning and analytical skills.